All Saints Festivity “Tots Sants” in Mallorca it is time for sweet rosaries.

Tot Sants, celebrated on November 1st is a deeply rooted tradition in our island, Mallorca.

During this festivity it is customary for godparents to give to their godchildren a sweet rosary ,it is nothing more and nothing less than the famous

“Rosari ensucrat”. Some people says ,it is a medieval tradition, Majorcans were visiting the tombs on the churches during this fe...

If you have been in Mallorca, you have probably heard or even tasted “Coques de verdures” a flat dough topped with seasonal vegetables.

Usually made with pork fat, but I love using flavourful extra virgin olive oil instead, as it makes a more tender crust.

They are sold in nearly every bakery and are often eaten on the go while standing up in the bakery, as a breakfast on the way to work, or as an afternoon snack on the way home or after schoo...

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Although I am a Classical musician by trade, food has always been a passion of mine. I was very lucky to grow up in a family where there was always freshly prepared food on the table. To be fair, when I was a child (not that long ago!), ready-meals were not an option, at least you could not find them anywhere in the not-so-urban part of Spain where I was born: Asturias.

Miguel E.

As an interior designer and long-time appreciator of Miguel's food, I am always enthusiastic about creating unique atmospheres for each new dinning experience. 


Estefania C.

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