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Taste of Asturias


This menu is directly inspired in my own origins. I grew up in Asturias, a region in the North of Spain with a rich and varied gastronomy. Asturias is a region where sea and mountain meet, and its peculiar orography and weather are key to understand the wide range of quality produce available: a fairly humid weather is ideal for growing corn, and provides green pastures for the rearing of cattle; mountain caves are used to mature a few of the many cheeses produced in the region; the Cantabrican sea brings fresh seafood and wild fish; and orchards abound in parts of Asturias famous for the production of a unique type of cider.

Our menu is an homage to some of the best-known dishes of the region: tortos de maiz, calamares en su tinta, a dish inspired in fabada (the bean stew), and arroz con leche. Rather than presented in their more traditional form, the dishes have been complemented with other staple ingredients of the Asturian cuisine, like apples, cider, or nuts. Nonetheless, we aim to give you a taste of Asturias, an authentic experience into our regional food that you are not likely to find in a London restaurant.


Suite Española

Isaac Albeniz’s ‘Suite Española’ is a collection of piano pieces showing a variety of musical styles from different regions of Spain. Spanish regional cooking styles are equally varied, and reflect on the diversity of cultures, climates, and produce. Origins | Food Club has taken the inspiration from Albeniz’s eclectic musical collection to create a tapas menu that includes lesser-known dishes from across Spain. 


Christmas Menu

Spanish food is all about sharing, and what a better time to share with your loved ones than Christmas! Rather than having a traditional Christmas dinner, Spanish families choose from a range of produce for the celebrations in Nochebuena (Christmas eve), depending on location and traditions. There are nonetheless some well-known favourites which regularly appear at festive tables across Spain. A selection of starters may include seafood, good quality jamón, or pâtés (fish or meat). A heart-warming seafood soup is also a well known favourite. The core of the meal is usually a roast; some of the most popular include lamb, suckling pig, capón (castrated chicken), or red bream. A Spanish Christmas celebration cannot finish without a selection of turrones (in two basic versions of almond and honey nougat, or paste), mazapanes, and mantecados (crumbly flour and lard bakes).

Join Origins | Food Club this Christmas for a real taste of Spain's homely festive food.  

Asturias meets Mallorca


Origins | Food Club takes you on a culinary journey between Asturias and Mallorca.
We have prepared exciting new dishes based on traditional favourites from the places where we grew up.

Our menu includes lesser-known dishes from Asturias ( Northern Spain) and Mallorca ( Balearic Islands), some that you will rarely see in mainstream Spanish restaurants.
At Origins | Food Club you get to share the experience with other guests in a large dining table, encouraging discussions about food, or any other topic. That's why we'll do our best for you to enjoy your food as much as the company of other fellow diners.

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