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Taste of Mallorca

If you have been in Mallorca, you have probably heard or even tasted “Coques de verdures” a flat dough topped with seasonal vegetables.

Usually made with pork fat, but I love using flavourful extra virgin olive oil instead, as it makes a more tender crust.

They are sold in nearly every bakery and are often eaten on the go while standing up in the bakery, as a breakfast on the way to work, or as an afternoon snack on the way home or after school. They are usually eaten at room temperature and make wonderful side dishes for a cold summer party, picnic or family events.

Around late spring time the markets in Mallorca are stocked with local ingredients the range from artichokes, asparagus, aubergines to courgettes.

They are at the height of freshness and combine to form a lighter take on this dish usually made from rich sun-ripened tomatoes and peppers in the summer. Any combination of toppings can be used, as long as you have a nicely balanced crust and only use a great young, verdant olive oil!

There are many variations of coca and in winter the peppers may be substituted by Swiss chard or spinach and without tomatoes.

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