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All Saints traditions

All Saints Festivity “Tots Sants” in Mallorca it is time for sweet rosaries.

Tot Sants, celebrated on November 1st is a deeply rooted tradition in our island, Mallorca.

During this festivity it is customary for godparents to give to their godchildren a sweet rosary ,it is nothing more and nothing less than the famous

“Rosari ensucrat”. Some people says ,it is a medieval tradition, Majorcans were visiting the tombs on the churches during this festivity,and bringing candles and breads which would be donated as alms, called in Mallorca “almoina”.

Rosaries are made of glazed fruits, marzipans, sweets and chocolates. All of them tied with a rope and as a colophon a medallion, called Patena, normally made with pumpkin (typical of this time) decorated with the print of a saint or an angel.The special tradition will be certainly rooted in Palma during the nineteenth century,but gradually will be introduced throughout the island, and all the children look forward to the

special sweet gift of their godparents on November 1st, the candies rosaries “Rosaris ensucrats “.

The rosary ,in addition to protected children from evil spirits also sweeten their lives and kids were carrying it hanging from their necks, and very proud to wear them during their walks, showing everybody the sweet gift they got.

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